Context:  Context-based Research Group
Robbie Blinkoff’s team of anthropologists at Context does ethnographic research that provides companies with strategic insight into the “deep structure” underlying consumer behavior.

Facilitation, Foresight, Strategy
Robert Mittman is a leading facilitator in the healthcare and technology fields, renowned for his ability to help groups move forward on difficult and entrenched issues.

fassforward consulting group
fassforward works with senior leaders and their organizations through to the front line using simple tools to solve complex business problems.  They work with Fortune 500 companies on simplifying strategy, implementing change and building deep leadership.  Companies that don’t traditionally work with consulting firms like working with fassforward.  They ground their work in conversations with client’s about their business, opportunities and challenges and move quickly to help them get where they want to be.

The Grove Consultants International
The Grove helps people visualize and implement change. For 30 years they have led graphically facilitated visioning and strategy processes, and also provided tools and training so people could do it themselves. David Sibbet, the Grove’s president, is one of the pioneers of graphic facilitation. I’ve been proud to be a Grove associate since 1997.

Impact Leadership Development Group, LLC
Brian Hall taught at the US Air Force Academy and Paul Jones ran the custom solutions group for the Center for Creative Leadership before founding Impact LDG. Impact combines personal leadership development and organizational development, creating custom-designed training programs and consulting based on each client’s unique needs.

The Williams Group
Roy Williams’s group prepares families to successfully transfer wealth through a post-transition estate planning process that emphasizes shared mission and values, strengthening communication skills and building heirs’ capacity to manage their inheritance.

Rosamund Zander
Roz, author of The Art of Possibility, helps organizations and teams to move past hidden and self-imposed limitations, opening to a new realm of abundant creativity and opportunity.

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